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I Don’t Understand

I don’t understand people who profess to be good Christians yet continue to hurt others with their words and actions. In this post I’m talking about homosexuality and the right to be who you are.  I don’t see Christians standing at the gates of the prisons picketing the murderers and thieves telling them to repent. I don’t see Christians standing at the seafood counter telling you not to eat shrimp because it is an abomination. I don’t see Christians protesting at the Sunday night football games because it’s a sin to work on the sabbath. I don’t see Christians going without sex because they no longer want to create children. But I do see christians fighting against homosexuals because they deem us abominations.  They torment and bully until children commit suicide. They beat and abuse and kill because we are different. I truly don’t understand hate. What makes a person hate a loving couple? What makes a person go against Jesus teachings because they feel they are right? Are all these people truly without sin? How do they explain intersex people? How can they go to sleep at night knowing they are only perpetuating the hate? I just don’t understand.


I’ve been in the construction trade for 20+ years. I’ve worked with hundreds of guys and a handful of women.( I sure do like a handful of women). Here are some of my stories.

Denise was new to the trades and one day she came and asked me “Um, ya know that thing in the porta potty…is that where the guys pee.”


Denise “Oh my God I’ve been putting my gloves in there.”

From then on the urinal became known as the glove holder.



I was working on a sewer tunnel job. The shaft was 190 ft. deep and  30 ft. in diameter. The fire station  in our area was having an on site observation in case there was ever a need for their expertise.  Seems the entire firehouse showed up dressed in their gear so they should see what conditions they would need to deal with. About a dozen guys walked up to the shaft so they could look down into the depths.  Those guys left the platform standing nearby and the recruits came next. One cute redheaded guy came up to me rather brazenly and declared “I want to look in your hole.” Of course I replied “you better kiss me first. Man did that kid turn red.




It was the start of a bitterly cold day. Almost the entire crew of about 15 guys and me the only female were trying to stay warm before the start of the shift. Suddenly the door opened and the big foreman stepped in. He looked around and saw me in the back of the crowd and said “HEY, I feel like a gang bang” all the while looking directly at me. The whole group suddenly got quiet and all eyes turned to me. So I said “Ok, so bend over!” the guys all bust up laughing and the bully turned red and left.




Washing a Dog

Four feet fighting

Slapping wet tail

Drain clumped with hair

Soap everywhere

Five wet towels

Walls are dripping

Floor is a mess

Rolling on the carpet

Up on the bed

Whatever was I thinking

I must be out of my head

Gay Marriage

Why do those that oppose gay marriage confuse legal marriage with religious marriage?

Honestly, you have the right to worship any way you want. I don’t care if you believe in God, Allah, Mohammad, Yawaeh, a Tree or nothing at all. What does any of that have to do with me getting the legal right to marry my chosen spouse?

I want the right to visit my Wife in the hospital and make decisions without fighting hospital staff, her family or paying a lawyer.

I want the right to share medical coverage with my Wife so we don’t have to pay two separate policie.

I want the right to file joint federal incom tax.

I want the right to work without the possibility of being fired because I love my Wife.

I want the right to leave my possessions to my Wife after I die without a lawyer or her having to pay inheritance Tax.

I want the right to live with my Wife in the same room at the rest home?

I don’t care what you call it. I can already find a church to bless my commitment to my Wife. What I Demand is that you get off your holier than thou, hypocritical,bible thumping, judgemental ass and give me the rights the constitution says I already have.

Perfect Moment


I believe
there will come a time
when we wake in each others arms
and know
there will never be
a more perfect moment.
My heart
so full of love
my spirit one with yours.
Our bodies entwined
still damp
The morning sun
highlighting gentle curves
with a soft golden glow.
Just this one
that happens
again and again

New Blog

I’ve spent a few hours learning about blogging, what it is, how it works… Basically I’m a blog virgin trying to absorb as much as I can so I can get this thing functional. Please bear with me as I fumble my way around trying to figure out what everything is and does. It shouldn’t take too long.

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