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I Don’t Understand

I don’t understand people who profess to be good Christians yet continue to hurt others with their words and actions. In this post I’m talking about homosexuality and the right to be who you are.  I don’t see Christians standing at the gates of the prisons picketing the murderers and thieves telling them to repent. I don’t see Christians standing at the seafood counter telling you not to eat shrimp because it is an abomination. I don’t see Christians protesting at the Sunday night football games because it’s a sin to work on the sabbath. I don’t see Christians going without sex because they no longer want to create children. But I do see christians fighting against homosexuals because they deem us abominations.  They torment and bully until children commit suicide. They beat and abuse and kill because we are different. I truly don’t understand hate. What makes a person hate a loving couple? What makes a person go against Jesus teachings because they feel they are right? Are all these people truly without sin? How do they explain intersex people? How can they go to sleep at night knowing they are only perpetuating the hate? I just don’t understand.


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